What happened in 2015!

An year passed what have I got? What have I achieved? What have I possessed?

A post to summarize my time in 2015, It started with lot of mixed vibes,

January was the month of  getting back on track,

February was the month of downtime,

March was the month of back in track,

April was the month I fooled many to achieve my goal,

May was the month I realized I was the biggest fool,

June was the month when I started going to school,

July was the month I discovered my hidden potentials,

August was the month I gave a thought about my future,

September was the month I lost track again,

October was the month I turned 25 and didn’t know what to do,

November was the month I celebrated my birthday,

December was the month I looked back and said to myself,

“Its so much I’ve gone through”.

So that was just a gist of how I went through 2015, Of course there are many many other things as I said earlier this is a summary.

let me hear your story too.



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