Sometimes, we get caught up in nostalgia, future fantasy, or both, and we don’t embrace the “now.” For this week’s challenge, take a moment to notice your present, and share a photo of it.

Source: Now

Connected virtually

The other day I was sitting in the corridors of my office canteen area, was checking my good friends new phone Asus zenfone, as in any other phones I would first jump into the camera app and start exploring it deeply, soon my dear friends said,

What would you capture here in office during this hour, this is a sober place to click a photo!

My next actions was to look around and click a picture and prove him wrong that there isn’t a perfect place or a place where you can go click a picture to test your photography skills and aspirations.

That was the perfect Now moment for me. This is the frame I captured from the place where we were discussing about the phone. A little bit tweaks and some editing made the picture look amazing.

The person you see in the frame is another friend of mine, speaking on the phone. 🙂

Thanks for checking out my post,





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  1. ARK says:

    There is more to the photo….

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    1. Why don’t you describe it in a way you see it. I would be more than happy if you could contribute a post in my poor blog. 🙂

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