I miss my Long Hairs…


Atleast once in a lifetime, we all wish to be the person whom we want to be. Some crave to reinvent their wardrobe entirely, some choose to quit luxury items for a while and some like me go against the grain. One thing that a man is very very cautious in his twenties is about HIS HAIR. People go mad, when they have to go out with a bad cut which the salon guy gave them. People flaunt their hair, when they get a good hair cut. And I????

I decided to stop hitting the salon and started growing my hair. The feeling of having long hairs is awesome. You get tons of free suggestions everytime you enter a room filled with people. While some appreciate it but a majority of them say “What happened? Did your girl friend ditch you?”. I enjoyed all these special attention and the pomp whilst  my hair grew silently not giving an eff to anything or anyone.

This photo was taken when I was standing near a veranda in my office and I saw a reflection of my own in the mirror outside. I loved the way my locks were arranged in a neat manner giving me the looks I craved for. Though many people branded me as a vagabond, there were quite a few who used to shower me with compliments all the time. But then there came the moment when I had to chop them off since I was desperate to try a new look.

All in all…. I loved my long hairs and I do miss them immensely.


One word for the photo

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