Getting lost on purpose

     It was a terrible evening as I was devastated with multiple bad news which ultimately made my mind too low. I then decided to go out for a long drive on my bike that evening, I quickly got ready and in next 20 minutes I was on my bike waiting for my turn, standing in the queue at the gas station.

I had packed my camera and tripod along, the idea was to go on a long drive and find a place to experiment my photography skills. Soon after I finished the business at the gas station, I thought of where to go, I really didn’t think of any place in particular, I was thinking of what kind of place would fit in my agenda which consisted of long drive along with photography expedition.

A couple of places passed by my mind which I did not pick any of them, finally I decided to go to the nearest place which had country side sceneries along with forest area near to Bannerghatta national park, it is about 50 Kms from my place. I drove along the highway and then took a road which lead to a remote village. After about an hour I reached this place and found it apt for clicking photos. So here are the pictures that I captured that day. Please do have a look and let me know your comments and suggestions

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