Weekly Photography Challenge – (Extra)Ordinary

  1. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”
A photographer’s view of anything as an object!

“It is all how you see or how you take it”

    In any aspects of our life, the above thought actually rescues us from falling down, it is completely how you actually take things in life and react on it. I applied the same theory for my photography perception and got these captures (including the header image).

I was walking the forest aisle to reach the summit and was stuck in between searching for something beautiful, amazing things and scenery to capture, just before I started walking further concluding that there isn’t a thing to capture, I saw a tree trunk covered with green moss and wondered if I can do something with it, then right away I pointed the focus on it and composed this shot. Though it didn’t look convincing at first, a little bit of post-production gave an appealing look to it. All I would say is to view everything differently and search for something beautiful within a given place and I am sure even you would explore something which looks extraordinary but looks ordinary in real.

So that was my story behind capturing these pictures, hope you enjoyed them.

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