Dudhsagared Part -2

Ans the most interesting part is here!

The Solitary Writer

Dudhsagared – Part 2


        It was 4.30 PM when we finally finished our photo-shoot and had enjoyed looking at the majestic waterfalls, experiencing the atmosphere to the fullest. We remembered that the return train arrives at Dudhsagar exactly at 5:15 PM. Without wasting much time, we started walking towards the station. It took us about 20 minutes to reach the station and to our surprise there were about more than 200 people waiting to board the same train. The fact was that the train which we were about to board was the last passenger train to reach the castle rock. If we miss that, we either have to wait till next morning or have to walk 14 Kms back on the railway track.

When we reached the station we planned on how to get into the train and the plan was,

  1. Split the group into 5 teams of…

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