Dudhsagared Part – 1

First Travelogue, wrote as a guest blogger for one of the famous bloggers I know.
Thank you Ambika for this opportunity.

The Solitary Writer

Kadale_puri Dudhsagar railway station

It was 10.28 AM by the time we reached the Castle rock railway station, we hardly had time to realize things around us, we all started running towards the platform, “Run faster ladies… faster… we got to catch the train before it leaves …” I kept shouting as we all were running from the bus parking lot to board the train which was about to depart exactly at 10.30 AM.

Kadale_puri Castle rock railway station

We heard the train honking, which made all of us run a little faster, 10.29 AM we all had reached the platform and to our surprise the train which we wanted to board was overcrowded either to step inside or to hang near the doors. We all were panicked, as we couldn’t find a place to get in…  After so much of effort to reach the station on time, we could only wave…

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