Day 20 – Photography 101 – DOUBLE

Photography 101: Double

It was the day when I had been for a day outing with few of my friends and colleagues, we were heading home after a tiring day and had stopped at a highway restaurant for snacks. I finished my part very soon and was resting just outside the gate of the restaurant, while others were busy inside. I had to accept the fact that, personally it wasn’t really a happening or an exciting outing that day, I attended it only for the sake and of course to try out my photography skills.

I was sitting outside the restaurant alone, watching the empty road, thinking about nothing and then I got a company who distracted my solitary moment. Yes, the two dogs you see in these pictures brightened me on that not so happening day.

They came running to me, hoping that I would show some love to them and make their tummy happy, though I am not the owner of these little pets, they showed me unconditional love which actually made me feel alive at that moment and then I remembered one of my friends who keeps chanting that dogs are the only living thing which shows you unconditional love, Indeed it proved the statement again on that day.

I enjoyed watching these two dogs playing around and it was definitely double love, double happiness, double relief and double therapy for the frustrated mind, which indeed made my day.

Finally we played along with them, fed them some biscuits we had and yeah clicked these beautiful pictures and left the place.

Thanks for reading my little post,

Happy clicking!



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  1. ARK says:

    Reblogged this on Passionate Ambika … passionate about everything in life. and commented:
    Dogs are angels with fur!!!!


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