Day 11 – Photography 101 – A Pop of Color

Photography 101: A Pop of Color.

The golden sky

CLOUDS” are the only thing that never makes me feel bored by looking at them. I am a big time cloud watcher and perhaps my favorite way of killing time. When I have nothing to do I sit in a place and admire them, they are the ones which inspire me a lot to think artistically, I always feel that there is a story behind every single cloud before taking its shape.

The picture I’ve posted here here is handpicked from the archives. It was around 6 in the evening, when I went up to the terrace out of boredom and surprisingly the pattern of cloud caught my eye in the evening sky; I was stunned at the amazing texture and was immobile by the beauty for a couple of minutes. It all seemed like there is someone out there playing a paintball game with golden color, so that clouds are shaded as soon as the ball hit the target, Golden color popping out from no where. I clicked this picture just before I could lose the natural light in the evening sky. Likewise if you ever come across such amazing view in the sky, I would recommend you to form your own story and never to forget to click a picture right then.

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