Day 9 – Photography101 – WARMTH

I really had a tough time picking a picture for this particular theme, And then I realized few things which made me pick this picture from the archives.

The Agni Kund

This is a picture of “Angi Kund “ and the event happening there is called “Homa” , Well, I really don’t want to talk about these rituals and religious stuff we follow in our country, for that I have provided you the link which will give you all the information about it. Now considering the theme I interpret that all of them sitting around the fire are feeling the WARMTH, since it looked cloudy and had signs of rain we all were in need of a source which would make us get rid from the cold we were feeling on that day and the fire just did its job then, A homa or havan or fire ritual in Hindu Culture often symbolizes sacrificing our egos into the fire. so the fire was just so apt, It provided warmth to both for our body and mind as well. The smoke coming out of it further coupled the effect of warmth.

More details on Agni Kund click here

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  1. Karuna says:

    Your picture really touched me. Absolutely beautiful. All the more so because I will be spending six weeks in India starting the end of the month.

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  2. oooh this is lovely i could have this on the wall in the winter to keep me warm x

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  3. rubyr8 says:

    Lovely interpretation on the photo theme warmth.


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