Knowing “The Khan”


King Khan

       It was 6.15 am on a Sunday morning I woke up to release the morning tap open, just then I grabbed my phone and took a glance to check my Watsapp texts and twitter notifications and suddenly I remembered my good friend Ambika had shared a link via twitter to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s interview couple of days ago, I accept that the fact which made me remember this was the last evening 3 hours of conversation with Ambika and she being a true fan of King Khan had kept sharing facts and incidents about Khan very often. I quickly went through my favorite tweets list which I had Favorited that tweet to check it later, After searching thoroughly from the huge list finally found that tweet and the link. Opened the link in YouTube application and starting watching it.

      10 minutes past watching this video and I had literally forgot the real reason for I woke up, the video made a strong reason that I will not do anything until finish watching it completely. somewhere around 50th minute of the video a thought came into my mind saying I should write something on this video may be a blog or something and after watching this one hour video my human body senses made me realize the reason for which I woke up, Next moment I had to run to the loo to accomplish the real reason for waking up so early.

     It was 7.45 am and I quickly opened my laptop which was lying next to me on the bed which I had left it there after watching a movie last night and as I write this post I was listening to the video on the other tab of the browser. Not expressing my exaggeration I had watched this video twice back to back, by now I was completely a fan of this video and hence the reason for writing this blog. Throughout the blog I have never mentioned a single word about video because its more than describing in letters and words, I would advice you to experience yourself by watching this video and I am sure by the end you’ll become a true fan of Mr.King Khan so do I.

   Here is the video link and thanks for reading my first blog.





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  1. ARK says:

    Reblogged this on Passionate Ambika and commented:
    The “Khan” effect !!


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